Work on stories when they're ready


Definition of Ready aims to define an acceptance criteria that a User Story must pass in order to become eligible to be considered for inclusion in Ready sprint backlog.


Definition of Ready is an important tool that can be used by a scrum team to judge whether a user story is ready to be taken up for discussion in a sprint planning.


While planning a sprint, a User Story must pass the following criteria in order to become eligible for inclusion in a sprint.

  • A User Story must define an acceptance criteria which is testable.
  • A User Story must also share information on why is it required, giving the team a bigger context on the importance of the story.
  • Team should be able to estimate it; In other words there should be a loose implementation strategy associated with it.


By including a story in the sprint that is not READY, the team risks building something that is not fully defined; This may lead to re-work. Another consequence could be expanding/shrinking scope of the problem of the story while the sprint is in progress.


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