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Good software does not come about just like that; by mere coincidence...

Software Development Done Right

Good software does not come about just like that; by mere coincidence. Inside a streamlined and well-executed software development process, there are many patterns for success. Some of them extend well beyond what is traditionally considered to be the realm of the software developer.

Inside our organization, many of these patterns were applied either consciously or subconsciously. We felt the need to bring these patterns forward from under lock and key into the clear light of day for everyone's awareness.

After months of gathering, slicing, dicing and eventual distilling, we arrived at what we consider to be the 'Essentials', distributed as a pack of flash cards, found in the Xebia Bookstore (sold out).

Photo of a deck of Xebia Essentials cards.

In many cases it involves ideas, or the expression of those ideas, for which we cannot take credit ourselves. In those cases, we have strived to grant credit to the originators, being fully aware that greatness can only be achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants.

We are not going to explain how you should put this deck to good use. As Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”, and thus we encourage you to rely on your imagination. At the very least, these cards are a promise for a conversation. And these conversations are a breeding ground for new ideas.

We are convinced, it's many of these ideas that make our people into the craftsmen they are. Take a look at the full list of cards, or browse the categories, and see for yourself.

The Xebia Essentials Cards

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